Whatz Kistenmuzik ?
Sound poems, between improvisation & composition, analog & digital, instruments & objects.

Creation and shaping of variations and fusions of analog music instruments and objects with electronics.

All sounds are produced live with mechanical handcrancked musicboxes, drums, egg slicers, polystyrene, musical glasses, , harmonica, streamer, balloon, violin bow, chopsticks, e-bass, computer, goldkettchen, etc.

The sequential compositions of Astride Schlaefli, crancked note after note by hand in paper stripes serve as a basis for the musical concept. These melodies and patterns are supported, intensified, accentuated or diversified with all the other instruments, creating very special and original sound atmospheres.

These new patterns are sampled live and slightly modified in their sound and structure, so that they become the new starting point, offering possibilities to improvise on them and building at the very end the pieces de resistance.

All the pieces together follow a thin red line, guiding ears in a poetic and humourous journey through an unique sound microcosm.